There’s nothing sweeter than your baba’s homemade jam - except for a short, concise, and sweet AMA session we had today!

Let’s dive into the chat we had with you guys!

Q: Do you have any updates for the past week?

We were working on interesting stuff to enable companies even easier job posting — even within their team’s communication platforms (such as Slack). We will make announcements very soon, as we don’t want to spoil a couple of surprises.

Also, many improvements are live already, the SEO is of much higher quality, which will show greatly on our ranking, etc. You know that a better ranking means more visitors in the end, and that’s what we want!

Awesome new clients…

Ask some people who are truly great at their craft why they keep tooting their own horn, and they might reply along the lines of, “if I don’t, who will.”

Ask a group of people who are always hesitating when it comes to achieving their dream, and instead of a reply you get an entire saga of reasons, potential setbacks and possible scenarios that may or may not come up on the way to greatness i.e. achieving your dream.

If you look deeper into it, you’ll realize soon enough that what’s truly holding you back is you and the fear of jumping into the unknown. And that’s what’s so great about CryptoTask, with only a few clicks of a button, you can change your entire life within minutes. No more…

This week’s AMA session has turned into a real, warm exchange of thought between our beloved community and Ivan. Unfortunately, Vedran had a lot of work to wrap up and couldn’t attend the session, but nonetheless, there were some inspiring words that make us strive even more at what we do.

First of all, it was really welcoming and nice to see new faces (or nicknames) sharing their thoughts on Cryptotask.

We may all have our opinions about the progress of our work, but be sure that we are doing our absolute best. Cryptotask is a working product with amazing minds behind it, and we have always put emphasis on the product, not the price action. Hearing about our users landing jobs and companies finding a freelancer or a new full-time working team member makes our goals even closer to us, and that’s what Cryptotask is about.

When we work on…

The one thing we all want is to derive some sort of satisfaction from our dream job. Well, decent money so we can afford a roof over our heads, food, some essentials and the odd get-together with our mates would be nice, too.

But satisfaction on the job, where we don’t have to pop ulcer medication before and after stepping foot into the office is pretty much why we put in all those years of hard study and work. We knew, of course, that it wouldn’t be easy, and we welcomed the chance to test ourselves against various obstacles and challenges the office life brings your way. That’s all fine and well. What’s not fine and well, is the soul-sucking aspect of being in the wrong office, with the wrong people (hello evil / narcissistic bosses) at the wrong time.

Yes, job hunting mostly takes a lot of time!

It’s clear that…

After a long week we bring you a short, but sweet AMA session!

The whole team is dreaming about summer peacefulness, but when you’re working on a project like this, vacations for us are just not in sight.

What is in sight, though, makes for news we’ve been working on this week. Let’s take a look!


Q: I see Reddit had a steep increase in redditors. Do you get more jobs posted because of that?

A: Yes! You can check the actual situation at For example, the jobs posted by EPNS got over 20 applicants in a day!

Q: The recent jobs seem to have a high number of skilled and experienced…

If you’re surrounded by greased palms, CT is your answer — here’s how it worked for us.

As if we really needed to be sold on the merits of working how and when it suits us best, here’s another one we never considered until it came up in conversation again.

I’ll be honest with you, I cannot stand my cousin. He acts like one of those entitled, pompous patriarchs in a 19th-century play, who just sit in their armchair all day, whose wife brings him his slippers at the end of the day, and whose mother — because of course the family still lives with his mother, places a rug over his lap lest her precious baby…

You know Fridays are the right time to check our team’s hard work and collect news from the past week. For those who couldn’t attend our AMA session, a recap is a perfect solution!

This week was very intense — we are in discussion with the FIRO team to start posting jobs, which will happen soon. Additionally, we are in talks with several more known blockchain projects about partnerships, so we expect many of those incoming.

With each partnership, we gain a ton of fresh visibility, which brings users, which brings interest! Also, high-quality jobs are increasing. As you might have seen, there are many jobs with $100k+ value posted in the last few days!

This week we have also updated our Tokenomics article, which we wholeheartedly suggest for you to go through. …

As card-carrying freelancers, we know nothing will get us back into the hamster wheel 9–5 routine we just escaped. And in the Freedom of Freelancing series, we discuss just that.

So for all those who have seriously considered — or are presently considering — freelancing, but haven’t yet jumped the fence, here are a few reasons why we have.

And if you’re new to the concept of freelance and want to find out more, this is most definitely the place to be.

We all know how it works. You see something you like in another place: flights to (one of your) favorite destination(s) are so low you’d need a serious reason not to jump on the offer, your favorite band is part of a killer lineup at one of the…

A long and challenging week in the world of DeFi is behind us. So now is the perfect time to see how Cryptotask handled it in our fifth Friday AMA session.

Thank you for being present and taking some time from your busy schedules to chat with us. Honestly, the most exciting part of Fridays is our AMA moment and having the chance to share what we achieved and get to answer your questions. So let’s dive into this week’s main topics.


Q: Everyone has been dying to know, what have you been working on?

A: Before we move to any updates on our side, we wanted to share some thoughts on the latest market developments. …

CryptoTask is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Firo — the blockchain privacy project.

Cryptotask X Firo

Firo chose CryptoTask as their main partner for hiring freelancers. The Firo project increased the demand for experienced blockchain developers to aid their team in creating new features, as well as polishing existing ones. Firo team will post their talent needs on the CryptoTask platform, which is already home to over 35.000 freelancers and job-seekers.

Our team is committed to helping Firo find the best talents for their team. We will promote Firo’s openings across channels and platforms as well as feature all job ads on our Platform.

We have no doubt that this is just the beginning of a…


A decentralized freelance market with a fully scalable dispute resolution mechanism — gas fees not dependent on the number of tasks the platform handles.

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