Are you ready to see some great news and take a glimpse into what happened in the past week? We are sure you are, so let’s take a walk down the street of our 4th weekly AMA with Ivan and Vedran!

This week has been more intense than the previous one — if that is even possible! Nevertheless, many good things are going on: we’re working on platform improvements, CEX listing applications (yes, yes, yes!), influencer contacts, onboarding new companies, and promoting their job postings.

Let’s dive into the questions and answers!

Q: What have you been up to in the past week?

A: We have already improved the featured freelancer’s algorithm, as a result, more high-quality profiles will show on the landing page.

We’re working on streamlining the signup process. It will be easier than ever to open an account…

Just like yin and yang, when merging two opposites of the whole, you get a perfect harmony. In our case, that’s us, Ivan and Vedran — while the harmony part is Cryptotask.

Why are we talking about opposites when we’re working on the same project, with the same goal in mind? Because we’re two different people with different backgrounds, lead by the same driving force.

Let’s dive into our past to see why exactly why we make such a wholesome team — while being somewhat different in our nature!

Up until now, only they and God knew — and now so will you.

Here’s our story; the story of a Ph.D., decentralization, freelance work, and two games — one being the first decentralized strategy game, while the other was created for one…

We’re the third week into our Friday AMA sessions — and it feels good!

We have slowly kept up the AMA pace throughout the weeks, and today we’ve witnessed a very, very fruitful one! Although Vedran couldn’t attend it, Ivan has done his best to answer all your Qs!

In case you missed our AMA, we’ve made you a list of all the questions, along with the answers from Ivan. Enjoy!

Q: How are your plans for marketing going?

A: Everything’s going well! We are waiting for time slots from some important influencers, as they are overbooked now as you can imagine, so we need to be a bit patient with that. …

Are you familiar with these annoying animal toys that continue repeating your words? You buy one for a friend’s kid and the regret is immediate — on all sides. For you, it’s the moment you bought it, and for your friends, it’s the moment they invited you to their home that very day.

If you’re somewhat active on our social media, you know we keep pushing decentralization down your throat hoping you’ll imitate this toy.

Let’s have it this way. Centralization does not always come with a negative connotation. Nor should it. Some of the positive aspects of an effective centralized structure (e.g., companies and similar organizations) are a clear chain of command, improvements where the quality of work is concerned, quick decision making, etc. All in all, it sounds pretty well-thought-out. At least, when it’s used in an organizational context.

When translating it to projects or structures utilizing the “middleman” or “the…

AMAs became a weekly thing for our community and us. Why? Because two-way communication enables us to meet each others’ expectations, think them over, and implement them together.

Your questions and pieces of advice enable us to dive deeply into the matter we may not be aware of, or we just need a push to deliver you our best!

Thank you for your support so far, and remember: It takes two for success — a project with a clear goal and a supportive community.

Let’s see what you’ve been most interested in — here’s a recap of our second weekly AMA!

Q: What have you guys been working on lately?

We’re in progress with onboarding several companies and keeping relations with existing ones. AMPnet, our partners, published a…

How costly, slow, sluggish, and non-intuitive freelance platforms inspire us to create the freelance platform you deserve.

Like great minds and leaders of our times, sometimes you have to step up the game and make some bold moves to change. To be clear, we don’t consider ourselves to be on par with true giants like Martin Luther King, Marie Curie, Steve Jobs, or Satoshi.

Still, we see no harm in saying that we are proud that we’ve developed a platform that can help solve dozens of problems freelancers face every day.

We were just two freelancers who were on the…

Q: What are the major advantages of your platform, compared to similar freelance platforms? What can an investor expect from all of this?

A: Some of the major benefits include the following: very low fees (0–3%), no limit on the job value, effective review and dispute mechanism (with very fast turnaround time), and the most important of all — growth without increasing overhead. That means our fees can stay low and the service will remain of high quality. Feel free to check out the further details on our page.

Q: Can you provide any information about marketing initiatives the team…

Future-proofing your freelance career or business is the best thing you’ll do for yourself this year.

Time machine makes a perfect gadget. Here’s why.

This month, Bitcoin hit 60K. 10 years ago, you most probably laughed at friends buying 20 of this crypto madness. Now they’re all lambo, where are you?

After 5–6 years of college, you get a job at McDonald’s, a diploma you can wipe your ass with, and literally no work experience whatsoever. Would you do any different if you knew what the almighty old guy up there envisioned your life to be that way?

We’d all…

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is the fact that the zombie apocalypse might be just behind the corner — and we’re put against the wall.

Nah, the virus is somewhat under control — at least people are still not behaving like some flesh-eating undead creatures.

What is not under control, though, is that remote work is gaining momentum. Businesses and individuals have been turning to remote work for a year now, and people ain’t no turning back. Just for your reality-check, just a quick paragraph including numbers (the first and the last one, we swear!).

We are very proud to announce our next strategic partnership with AMPnet.

AMPnet is a web, iOS, and Android app for running crowd investing and crowdlending campaigns. It runs under a custom brand (your logo, your domain) and integrates easily into existing websites.

All AMPnet platform users get access to AMPnet APX — a central portal enabling users to co-fund projects, trade project shares, and exchange documents.

AMPnet powered investment communities enable clients, investors to buy & sell shares of their projects with investors from the entire AMPnet ecosystem. In short — AMPnet allows you to build a blockchain-powered investment platform with integrated trading — in minutes.

AMPnet tokenization services are offered…


A decentralized freelance market with a fully scalable dispute resolution mechanism — gas fees not dependent on the number of tasks the platform handles.

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