AMA RECAP: An avalanche full of questions

While half of the world is under lockdown, people can’t attend activities such as binge drinking in a smoke-filled kafana (cafe). In other words, Saturdays are not as utilized as we Balkaneros would like.

What if we told you that last Saturday there was one better activity for you to attend? Our AMA!

In case you’ve missed it because of some strange boonga woonga that happened in your village, and you lost your internet connection, we’re here to remind you.

Grab a nice hot cup of tea made from crypto skeptics tears, and enjoy our March AMA!


Q1: CryptoTask is a freelancer platform — what are the competitive advantages of CryptoTask?

A: CryptoTask is tackling all the big issues in online freelancing (which is a $1.5 TRILLION niche). Our customers are primarily freelancers and employers fed up with traditional freelancing pain points:

- Huge fees for both freelancers and employers (30%+)
- 20% of freelancers are unbanked (we’re solving that with crypto payments)
- Biased and inefficient disputes
- Job value is often limited
- Fake reviews
- Late payments

We are solving all these issues with the use of smart contracts and other blockchain-unique features which allow this to happen. We have a much lesser overhead than traditional platforms, so we can afford much lower fees while staying profitable.

Q2: Are you more focused on the crypto people or the regular people?

A: We would say both — but our obvious niche is crypto people and blockchain development jobs.

Q3: What types of freelancers can I hire on your platform? Only the computer-literate ones or the computer-illiterate ones as well (i.e., construction workers, gardeners, plumbers, etc.)?

A: Right now, most of the freelancers are computer-literate ones. So, jobs like development, design, translation, art, photography, etc. It works best for job types that are done remotely and can be settled if there is a dispute.

Q4: Can you talk a little about burning mechanics, and when will they be implemented?

A: You can have a look at the following links: Whitepaper and our about section.

In short, any revenue stream is integrated with buying off CTASK token from Uniswap and burning it. This is done automatically by the smart contract. It will be implemented this summer.

Q5: Do you have any token or coin of yours?

A: Yes, we do. It is called CTASK, and is listed on both Coinmarketcap and Coingecko:

Q6: If there was an order completed, but it wasn’t satisfactory, who does the client complain to and what’s the process? Who says “yes” or “no” as a “judge”? What’s the arbitrary process?

A: A panel of reviewers is randomly selected, and they vote — those who vote in consensus share 10% of the task value as a reward. Voting is done, of course, in commit — reveal stage.

Q7: How many people are working in CryptoTask?

A: 10+ people working, but we are in the process of hiring more.

Q8: How many users are you targeting to be on your platform by the end of Q4, and how many are you counting currently?

A: 300,000 by the end of Q4, 30.000+ we have now.

Q9: Do freelancers get paid in CTASK, dai, or they have a choice?

A: They get paid in dai or other stable, but they get discounts if holding CTASK. CTASK gives dividends through burning mechanics.

Q10: Smart contracts are prone to bugs. How efficient and secure is your smart contract? Have you ever been audited through external parties, so we are sure that this project is safe and good for the future of investors?

A: We were audited by NodeFactory, and the audit report is available on

Q11: Where are most of these jobs coming from geographically?

A: Europe, USA, Asia; however, we have also strong contacts in Africa, which is the biggest emerging market, and South America, where there are huge communities of freelancers

Q12: What seems to be the biggest challenge for this project at the moment?

A: For us, it is reaching the critical mass of users. We believe we’ll reach it by the end of the year. After that, the project starts growing exponentially

Q13: What percentage of CTASK coins does the entire team own? What is owned by the team/developers in total?

A: Here is the tokenomics article, so you can check out the details (around 10% is for the team + advisors).


Q14: What are the differences between CryptoTask and other freelancer sites like Fiverr, Odesk, or

A: They have huge fees, often over 20%. There can be arbitrary censorship and account bans. You cannot use crypto, which means payments between countries can be difficult or impossible, especially for larger values, and disputes are handled poorly — slow and cannot be enforced. For example, in the US, only courts can enforce dispute settlement. When smart contracts handle disputes — it is fast, transparent and 100% enforceable.

Q15: What are CryptoTask chances against AnyTask through Electronium? They say they have 0% fees.

A: I think 0% fees is not good as it doesn’t support good project dev. What sets us apart from other decentralized competitors is that we are fully scalable, so the gas price for disputes doesn’t increase as the number of users/jobs grows. Also, we are a hybrid system, so no need to have a crypto wallet, etc. We support pay gas by proxy.


Q16: What is your short-term development plan?

A: Short-term plan is focused mostly on marketing. We have gathered a great internal team that will focus on growth. We are also in negotiations with some large companies that have a significant volume of jobs, so the first goal is user growth and jobs growth, then streamlining the UX process and adding new development features, like payment for featured jobs, freelancers, escrow, etc.


Q17: It’s all about the users — what is your growth strategy?

A: We have a very comprehensive growth plan our team made, so as I mentioned, we have 2 ways of approaching this:

1. we are focusing on user growth and spreading project awareness online, in places where freelancers gather, like Reddit, LinkedIn, forums, Telegram, etc.

2. We are negotiating with large companies, HR agencies who have a large volume of jobs to post on our platform, so it is a win-win situation because you need to grow both sides to prosper.

Q18: What is your marketing strategy for the crypto side of this?

A: We are being covered by many blockchain influencers already, crypto newsgroups, etc., and will continue to have good relations with the crypto-related community. Also, we are very active on Hackernoon, Quora, subreddits, Telegram groups. This will only increase as we assembled a great growth hacking team.


Q19: Do you think is a good addition to your project, and do they have any specific advantage to integrate into your ecosystem?

A: We’re really proud of having them on board! It is super-useful for users to get loans of stable coins to use on our platform.

Q20: How can help you?

A: Please, have a look at

The fact we have the best possible community is nothing new. We also have the best partners — thanks to for making this AMA possible!

Hope we answered all your questions in the best possible manner. Stay tuned for more information and take a peek at our social media!

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A decentralized freelance market with a fully scalable dispute resolution mechanism — gas fees not dependent on the number of tasks the platform handles.

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