Decentralization Leads to Salvation!

Are you familiar with these annoying animal toys that continue repeating your words? You buy one for a friend’s kid and the regret is immediate — on all sides. For you, it’s the moment you bought it, and for your friends, it’s the moment they invited you to their home that very day.

If you’re somewhat active on our social media, you know we keep pushing decentralization down your throat hoping you’ll imitate this toy.

Let’s have it this way. Centralization does not always come with a negative connotation. Nor should it. Some of the positive aspects of an effective centralized structure (e.g., companies and similar organizations) are a clear chain of command, improvements where the quality of work is concerned, quick decision making, etc. All in all, it sounds pretty well-thought-out. At least, when it’s used in an organizational context.

When translating it to projects or structures utilizing the “middleman” or “the third party”, things get interesting. And outdated.

Let’s say you use a freelance platform to find yourself a job. Your traditional task platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork and pocket up to 30% commission for any work. So, you pay up to 30% of your money for them to spend it on freelancer fees and clients fees, project fees, platform maintenance fees, and who knows what other crap they’re making you pay for. From your hard-earned money!

Let’s be real here — it’s not about the fees themselves because they are needed for things to operate smoothly. The main problem being the theft that should be out of the question though.

Praise everyone, censor no one!

One other crucial thing is that decentralization brings no censorship whatsoever. We are all equals on the platform, on the same level. It should’ve been that way since forever, but for CryptoTask users it will always stay that way.

Take as much work as you can — and get paid properly

There are also no limits on the task size, meaning that we won’t impose degeneratively high fees for your work if you choose to earn a fine amount of $$$.

In some countries, freelance work is not equal to your “regular” one

If you live in a country where your government is working against you, and not for you, in the form of obsolete freelance legislations, we’re here to keep you sane. We are aware that there are governments struggling with keeping freelance work on par with other jobs. That’s absurd and completely unacceptable in this day and age but unfortunately makes for our reality.

Finding work or hiring on Cryptotask helps greatly, not to mention that getting paid in crypto can save you a lot of trouble. We have already written about the issues the Serbian freelance public has been facing for a while now, so feel free to give that blog a read.

Yes, by going decentralized your worst freelance nightmares vanish. Can you see all the decentralized blockchain stuff looking at our platform? No. Because we hid it so far in the back you’d need an electron microscope to see any of it. That way, you can focus on other things, the things you do best!

Cryptotask is your usual freelance platform — with a twist. It’s made for you — not for us. Join us!

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