Freedom of Freelancing — The Redundancy of the Third Wheel in Freelancing

If you’re surrounded by greased palms, CT is your answer — here’s how it worked for us.

As if we really needed to be sold on the merits of working how and when it suits us best, here’s another one we never considered until it came up in conversation again.

I’ll be honest with you, I cannot stand my cousin. He acts like one of those entitled, pompous patriarchs in a 19th-century play, who just sit in their armchair all day, whose wife brings him his slippers at the end of the day, and whose mother — because of course the family still lives with his mother, places a rug over his lap lest her precious baby catches a cold because the fire isn’t warm enough. This same cousin, who never lifted a finger a day of his life, and has no redeeming features or talents is now second in command at a highly valued “Swedish furniture store.”

These are not my words, but his mother’s. You hear it very well second in command, y’all.

I cannot help but imagine how he settled his own small kingdom within the office, has a special chair there, an obedient servant who brings him coffee and fluffs his pillow, while the rest of the workers put their blood, sweat and tears into producing the same chairs for many others like him.

We all have a neighbor or relative like that. Someone who costs by not on merit but on connections. Palms being greased wherever they go, and always a middleman in their camp ready to sweeten the deal, by whispering into the hiring manager’s ear. It is our sense of justice that always kicks in when we witness such “mediation” that benefits one on the expense of others. Some of us would have come into our own, too, if we’d have been given the chance but greased palms took over.

If all this sounds bitter, there might be more than a kernel of truth in that. The most committed positive thinking in the world will inevitably take a blow when the message being conveyed is that no matter how hard you try and how much honest work you put in, unless you know someone, it’s all in vain. Because that “mediator” is the one with the true power and gets their palms greased from two sets of hands.

We thought going freelance would give us the advantage of being able to choose who to work for and when. And that is true in many ways.

But that still leaves us with having to offer our services on places like Upwork and Fiverr, where everything goes through a centralized system, and where people who honestly don’t care about doing quality work, will undercut you for sometimes up to 90%. By the time the employers realize that the work was actually sub-par, it’s too late. They know they can get it cheaper, and quite honestly why pay more when you can get away with less.

If your sense of justice is kicking every time you are being offered a gig that pays next to nothing because the middleman has to pay bills too, then you should come to CryptoTask.

First off, it completely eliminates any and all need for the middleman (unless he or she actually helps you nail a well-paid job), while your info is readily available, much easier and quicker than in the past. How? Blockchain. It stores all your info and sends it to the enquirer directly. Think of the difference between relaying a message via a third party — and now imagine that third party is your horrible cousin’s mother — and talking to the person directly.

Blockchain enables just that, and that’s what we love about it and why we love being on CryptoTask. We also love that whatever magic runs on the background of the platform does not complicate our user experience, thus we get the best from both worlds — an easy-to-use freelance marketplace and а decentralized mechanism that eliminates the third party “taxation”.

Thank you very much for your support! See you on our social media!

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