Freedom of Freelancing: The Time Off Conundrum

As card-carrying freelancers, we know nothing will get us back into the hamster wheel 9–5 routine we just escaped. And in the Freedom of Freelancing series, we discuss just that.

So for all those who have seriously considered — or are presently considering — freelancing, but haven’t yet jumped the fence, here are a few reasons why we have.

And if you’re new to the concept of freelance and want to find out more, this is most definitely the place to be.

We all know how it works. You see something you like in another place: flights to (one of your) favorite destination(s) are so low you’d need a serious reason not to jump on the offer, your favorite band is part of a killer lineup at one of the most happening festivals this world has to offer, your best friend is getting married and has planned the most awesome destination wedding any of your friends ever imagined. You get your tickets, book your accommodation, line up the pet sitting for Fifi and Puffy, and from that point onwards — until you hop on that plane — all you can think of is how awesome it will be once you get there.

If only there weren’t that pesky issue of that office vacation calendar. The one which gets made years ahead of the summer (or so it always seems), when no one really knows what their plans will be, and which most certainly does not account for surprise announcements of any nature. Because your slot has already been assigned, and it’s nowhere even close to that most awesomest of awesome events. Which is a bummer.

But then you remember that Maisie in Accounting wanted to have time off at the exact same time of your event. Which is glorious. You’ve never really spoken to Maisie like that, but it’s never too early (or late) to get started. So you look at the company website, memorize her face and head over to the water cooler for a bout of friendly conversation, or as you like to call it, water cooler chit chat.

Maisie, though not overly friendly, miraculously agrees, and you feel absolutely, one million percent certain that this was pure destiny and a portent of the greatest thing to have happened since Twinkies were invented.

And then, disaster. Your boss tells you that this is the exact time you cannot have off, because . . . well, at this point you do not need a reason. It happened, the powers that be in the office have torpedoed your plans and all that really matters from here on in is that YOU JUST WON’T GET AWAY. And what’s worse, though no one really talks about it, any time off you now get is seriously soured.

Before you start cursing your fate, the gods and whatever other assorted evils you want to associate with your misfortune, you might want to consider the better, more mature way of getting even. Quit. This very moment. And go freelance. Because this right here is the exact reason why some of us decided to call it quits in the office. Not because we’re evil beings just waiting to get one over on our bosses, but because — quite honestly — if truth be told, we just got sick and tired of the whole thing: horrible bosses, inflexible coworkers, seeing the same worn-down faces day in, day out.

We needed a change of scenery before we went crazy, and freelance offered us everything we were looking for. Flexibility, check. Freedom of movement, check. Being able to meet even more awesome people than we already have, most definitely check.

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we got tipped off about Cryptotask.

It’s simple, it’s easy, and we get paid right away. Not when the money clears in a few working days, but honest to goodness, right away.

See, the thing with CryptoTask is, it stores everything on the blockchain (that weird thing no one but hardcore techies really talk about, though it’s filtering through to the mainstream even as we speak).

This means that all your info is readily available — including your reputation, which is what gets you all those cool freelance jobs -, contracts can’t be broken, and best of all you get paid straight away. And as for that awesome getaway you had planned, it’s all yours for the taking. What could be sweeter than that.

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