How It Turned Out For Me — The Intro Post

The one thing we all want is to derive some sort of satisfaction from our dream job. Well, decent money so we can afford a roof over our heads, food, some essentials and the odd get-together with our mates would be nice, too.

But satisfaction on the job, where we don’t have to pop ulcer medication before and after stepping foot into the office is pretty much why we put in all those years of hard study and work. We knew, of course, that it wouldn’t be easy, and we welcomed the chance to test ourselves against various obstacles and challenges the office life brings your way. That’s all fine and well. What’s not fine and well, is the soul-sucking aspect of being in the wrong office, with the wrong people (hello evil / narcissistic bosses) at the wrong time.

Yes, job hunting mostly takes a lot of time!

Plus, there’s the issue of our rapidly waning sanity. Every freelancer on the planet can sing you a song about that.

So here’s an easy-to-follow plan, which led us into the warm, loving embrace of Cryptotask. It helps you define your values, takes up an afternoon of your time (including a nice coffee break), you can start working straight away, and best of all, the minute your job’s done and sent to the client, you’re guaranteed to get paid. That’s right, no waiting around, biting your nails for months to see if they finally remembered to transfer that money they promised nearly a month ago into your account.

1. Define your interests and strengths

After all, they hate what is truly great in us, so why not beat them at their own game.

2. Write a few sentences on the amazing things you can offer the world

3. Choose a picture

This will be crucial for the next step. But it also serves to give you a short break from the text you just wrote about yourself. A good piece of writing is like a good wine, you need to let it breathe. Of course, a few days would be ideal, but really, even a short break is ideal to give your brain a rest, get it out of the insider mindset with which you wrote the text and switch it into neutral gear, as though you were a stranger / future client reading the information compiled. Pick a picture you like, that was taken on a day when you felt truly on top of your game, this way you’ll truly shine.

4. Create an account with Cryptotask

5. Take a break, go out for a drink with your partner, meet a friend

That’s it, all quick and easy. Let us know how quick and easy it was, so others can jump on board as well. After all, the more the merrier.

And don’t forget to tune in for other installments of How It Turned Out For Me series, just for you!

Thank you very much for your support! See you on our social media!

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