In Our Time Before Cryptotask

Just like yin and yang, when merging two opposites of the whole, you get a perfect harmony. In our case, that’s us, Ivan and Vedran — while the harmony part is Cryptotask.

Why are we talking about opposites when we’re working on the same project, with the same goal in mind? Because we’re two different people with different backgrounds, lead by the same driving force.

Let’s dive into our past to see why exactly why we make such a wholesome team — while being somewhat different in our nature!

Here’s our story; the story of a Ph.D., decentralization, freelance work, and two games — one being the first decentralized strategy game, while the other was created for one of the most popular US influencers!

Vedran “The Mastermind”

You have to earn the title of “mastermind” somehow, or “legend” — as you wish. Most of it revolves around having some knowledge or a skill that is “out of this world”. Some are movie masterminds, others are DOTA masterminds. Or Quake II, for you nostalgic FPS peeps. For some, a mastermind is also someone who can target a urinal from 3 meters away.

And then you have Vedran — the ultimate mastermind with a Ph.D. from Cardiff University with the following thesis topic (take a deep breath): Automated retinal layer segmentation and pro-apoptotic monitoring for three-dimensional optical coherence tomography. It literally sounds like those 5 kilometers long US freight trains.

Vedran showed a strong interest in blockchain technology from the moment he found out about it. This was around 2012, as he was doing R&D in the field. Being one of the first Solidity developers in Europe, Vedran’s main specialty are decentralized ecosystems.

FYI, Vedran is the creator of Etherization — a turn-based Civ-like game. It is worth mentioning that it is the first decentralized strategy game with GUI! Interested in what it looked like? Here’s a video from 2016 with all the explanatory goodies!

Vedran is the creator of Etherization, the first decentralized turn-based strategy game with GUI.

Ivan “The Freelance King”

Let’s move on to Ivan — a lifelong freelancer. From his early college years, he started collaborating with developers and designers from all around the world. Over a decade ago, when mobile apps started gaining more and more popularity, Ivan built the team for the biggest undertaking so far. The team was responsible for creating the official Dan Bilzerian mobile game with over 2.5M downloads, making it one of the top 10 downloads worldwide at the time of its launch! Amazeballs!

Save Dan Official Trailer

As he is always hungering for some new and interesting technologies, Ivan found blockchain and realized the power, not to mention the change it would bring to the world. Even better, “the change it is bringing to the world”.

After extensive research (you all know how it goes when you get the blockchain bug) mixed with the freelance way of living and earning money, enlightenment was inevitable. It made perfect sense that blockchain could be used to improve the current systems and really bring a meaningful change to the industry.

And here we are today, working to make your freelance experience seamless — way smoother and far more fair.

Join us!

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A decentralized freelance market with a fully scalable dispute resolution mechanism — gas fees not dependent on the number of tasks the platform handles.

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