Main reasons to start using CryptoTask

Future-proofing your freelance career or business is the best thing you’ll do for yourself this year.

Time machine makes a perfect gadget. Here’s why.

This month, Bitcoin hit 60K. 10 years ago, you most probably laughed at friends buying 20 of this crypto madness. Now they’re all lambo, where are you?

After 5–6 years of college, you get a job at McDonald’s, a diploma you can wipe your ass with, and literally no work experience whatsoever. Would you do any different if you knew what the almighty old guy up there envisioned your life to be that way?

We’d all hit that “JUST GET ME BACK TO X YEAR WHEN I WASN’T IN DEEP SHIZZ” button on a time machine at least once in our lives!

But hey, we most probably have a time machine of our own. For some things, you don’t have to get back to the past to make things better for the future.

You need to tap the “Cryptotask” button and get into the freelance future!

Here are our main reasons why!

  1. We already have a working platform!

Yes, our own already running platform is something we’re very proud of! Having over 35K users and being the biggest central EU freelance platform, along with, we’re just pushing it over the top — decentralized style.

Not only that, but our main priority is reaching 300K users by the end of this year. Watch us grow!

2. Start using CryptoTask in a matter of minutes

Signing up seems like a breeze. In literally 5 steps you can enter the world of decentralized freelance — start job hunting, or looking for some freelancers for your own firm!

3. Automation = no fees

Do you know why these Upwork and Fiverr fees are skyrocketing high? It’s because of the completely obsolete manual approach to platform support. By utilizing smart contracts’ full potential, we’re offering nonexistent fees — for both hirees and freelancers.

4. Only the Sun is the $limit$ (don’t get burnt, though!)

While some of the fellow freelance marketplaces put a price limit on their tasks, we don’t! Why would we? People have a right to choose if they’d like to earn a shitton or almost none! We don’t judge payout by its minimum, as some other platforms do…

Also, because of crypto, you get paid instantly! We’re also preparing multiple on-platform payment methods, including FIAT.

5. With some help from affiliate marketing, we assure newcomers nail a job!

There’s always a disproportion in the number of jobs and freelancers looking to get one. Here’s our solution, especially for the new freelancers.

We developed an affiliate-based system to find a job. That way, a freelancer can offer a certain percentage of task value to a middleman in advance while the middleman brings you a client. Win-win situation!

Are you still thinking about going back to the past?

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A decentralized freelance market with a fully scalable dispute resolution mechanism — gas fees not dependent on the number of tasks the platform handles.

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