Paving Your New Freelance Way

How costly, slow, sluggish, and non-intuitive freelance platforms inspire us to create the freelance platform you deserve.

Like great minds and leaders of our times, sometimes you have to step up the game and make some bold moves to change. To be clear, we don’t consider ourselves to be on par with true giants like Martin Luther King, Marie Curie, Steve Jobs, or Satoshi.

Still, we see no harm in saying that we are proud that we’ve developed a platform that can help solve dozens of problems freelancers face every day.

Great ideas start with a basic dream. Even the wet one, why not?

With a bit of encouragement from the tech world, hundreds of books, thousands of hours spent in front of the screens (not playing games, though), and a few crypto conversations later — we’ve made the world’s first decentralized freelance marketplace.

Here’s our story!

We were on our way to hell and back. The same way millions of freelancers are going through all the time.

Our accounts were blocked and falsely turned in numerous times for no valid reason. Not to mention waiting for the disputes to be solved for months, waiting for my own earned money.

We dared to step up the freelance game.

Today’s version of the CryptoTask platform is a whole lot different than our first code.

The platform needed a MetaMask wallet for a sign in any other activity. The one we built throughout the years is the platform you’re familiar with. We ditched the wallet feature, made the UX and UI more pleasing to the broader audience, put blockchain waaaaay back where no one can see it — and that’s basically it.

As we said, CryptoTask today is wholly adapted for mainstream users. Meaning, your uncle, who doesn’t know crap about blockchain indeed, doesn’t have to know blockchain is running in the background. Your uncle, who got slapped by a midlife crisis and wants to turn to freelance, doesn’t have to use a crypto wallet or know anything about crypto whatsoever to get hired. And the UI is more modern and intuitive, too!

Basically, the pure beauty of the platform is the fact that there’s no way in this world you can know Cryptotask runs on blockchain. No way, Jose.

What were the barriers we had to cross?

You wouldn’t say CryptoTask runs on the blockchain, right?

In the future, we will be further polishing CryptoTask, making it the most user-friendly freelance platform known to man. Our journey is just beginning, and you are welcome onboard.

Join the freelance revolution now!

Telegram news:

A decentralized freelance market with a fully scalable dispute resolution mechanism — gas fees not dependent on the number of tasks the platform handles.

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