Weekly AMA RECAP (30 April)

AMAs became a weekly thing for our community and us. Why? Because two-way communication enables us to meet each others’ expectations, think them over, and implement them together.

Your questions and pieces of advice enable us to dive deeply into the matter we may not be aware of, or we just need a push to deliver you our best!

Thank you for your support so far, and remember: It takes two for success — a project with a clear goal and a supportive community.

Let’s see what you’ve been most interested in — here’s a recap of our second weekly AMA!

Q: What have you guys been working on lately?

We’re in progress with onboarding several companies and keeping relations with existing ones. AMPnet, our partners, published a couple of jobs yesterday and they were filled in a record time! They’re very happy with the platform, which makes me and the whole team feel really proud!

From the business side, we are partnering with business developers, which could bring some large companies.

From the tech side, we have been focusing on improving SEO, we will be unifying the “www” app and the “about” section.

We have worked on some email notification features, having combined employer/freelancer roles (as many freelancers actually want to post jobs in order to collaborate with other freelancers), have done improvements to UX etc.

Q: Could you tell us a little bit more about your progress with partnerships? Last time you mentioned Tezos.

A: We are very pleased to say our grant proposal is under review! And we have some great contacts over at Tezos, I’m sure positive news is coming any day now, we are very excited about it.

Q: Are there any ongoing negotiations with influencers? How is that going?

Yes! We have something good in preparations, discussing today with some high tier influencers which should give the project the boost it deserves, if all goes well we’ll see some significant social media action starting next week. We’re very excited about this!

Q: What metrics will you use to track the escrow system?

We will be focusing primarily on a number of job posts. An optimal number would be 20–30 jobs daily.

Q: Will exposure from Google jobs help to achieve these numbers?

It is hard to estimate exactly how beneficial it will be, but it should be significant. Google is not a decentralized system, so algorithms are unfortunately not transparent.

Q: What platform improvements are you planning in the upcoming weeks? What can we expect to see?

We have worked on some UX improvements like requiring more detailed descriptions in both profiles and jobs, obligatory prices (that brings us closer to escrow), and worked on infrastructural developments.

Q: Is there any opportunity for a CEX listing, for example, KuCoin?

We’re more focused on business development now, but if an opportunity comes (and at a reasonable price), we are open to it.

Since we will be making AMAs a weekly thing, make sure to join us every Friday at 3 PM CET (if not noted differently on our social media and the Telegram group).

Join us!

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A decentralized freelance market with a fully scalable dispute resolution mechanism — gas fees not dependent on the number of tasks the platform handles.

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