Weekly AMA Recap (June 4)

After a long week we bring you a short, but sweet AMA session!

The whole team is dreaming about summer peacefulness, but when you’re working on a project like this, vacations for us are just not in sight.

What is in sight, though, makes for news we’ve been working on this week. Let’s take a look!


A: Yes! You can check the actual situation at app.cryptotask.org. For example, the jobs posted by EPNS got over 20 applicants in a day!

Q: The recent jobs seem to have a high number of skilled and experienced freelancers, is that right?

A: We see more and more skilled freelancers joining up, and are very glad to see them. We have personally spoke with a couple of them and there are some very experienced ones. They are really happy with the platform and the opportunity to find a quality and lucrative job.

Q: Did you establish contact with the influencers?

A: We did! For now, they are on standby. Once we have gathered the news, it will be guns blazing!

Q: How big of influencers we speaking about?

A: Big. They are monitoring the project closely and when the time is right they will start doing their thing!


A: Yes, we were working on some small and big updates. Here we go!

  • We added cropper to the avatar pic uploader, so that will improve the quality of profile pics, landing page etc.
  • We implemented sending emails for relevant jobs to freelancers, with a max cap of emails per job (we don’t want jobs to be overfilled either).
  • We are implementing a new system for newsletters, that will be useful next week for pinging our membership about a nice freelance workspace Wespa in Zagreb, we should get some affiliate cut here (revenue).
  • Some call to action improvements. For example, the invite freelancer button visible even when the user is not logged in.
  • We are testing the Nuxt environment which will improve our SEO and also make available thumbnails when posting job links around social media etc — useful for growth.
  • The King of the Hill feature is following with CTASK utility on the platform to promote the profiles. Basically, on the landing page, one profile will be always set apart and visible, probably with a golden halo — king of the hill! The user who proves she/he has more $CTASK in her/his wallet than the previous king of the hill — can claim that spot!
  • After that, there comes escrow!

Q: Are there any news about escrow?

A: Yes! It should be live in 1–2 weeks!

A decentralized freelance market with a fully scalable dispute resolution mechanism — gas fees not dependent on the number of tasks the platform handles.

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