Weekly AMA Recap (May 14)

Are you ready to see some great news and take a glimpse into what happened in the past week? We are sure you are, so let’s take a walk down the street of our 4th weekly AMA with Ivan and Vedran!

This week has been more intense than the previous one — if that is even possible! Nevertheless, many good things are going on: we’re working on platform improvements, CEX listing applications (yes, yes, yes!), influencer contacts, onboarding new companies, and promoting their job postings.

Let’s dive into the questions and answers!

Q: What have you been up to in the past week?

A: We have already improved the featured freelancer’s algorithm, as a result, more high-quality profiles will show on the landing page.

We’re working on streamlining the signup process. It will be easier than ever to open an account as the platform will guide you through it.

We finally got around to more quality CEX listings — we’re applying to several now, and we’ll see which one gives the best conditions!

Q: Can you give us a glimpse of the influencers you plan to bring onboard?

A: We’re still waiting for time slots from several influencers. We’re kindly asking you guys to chip in here — you can reply to https://twitter.com/Pentosh1 about our project to get some much-deserved attention!

Q: Any news about the Tezos review of your proposal?

A: They are in the final stages of their review process. As you might know, the market is extremely busy right now. Everyone is buried in work, so we must give them a bit more time. But, hopefully, we’ll have some excellent news very, very soon!

Q: Are there any information about onboarding users in the future period?

A: We’re adding new features and improving the platform in general. In parallel to that, we already see an increased number of freelancers and clients coming, and it is getting faster and faster each day.

Q: Is there a timeframe for a CEX?

A: We are engaged in talks with several exchanges. Their time frame is roughly 20–30 days for a listing.

Q: Can tell us some news on the Escrow system?

A: The team will be improving the frontend first to make the UX as close to perfect as possible, then the escrow will come in line — step by step.

Q: People will be working on simple projects that take 1–2 days to complete. Have you considered the escrow system to support releasing payment at a certain interval?

A: Yes, there will be milestone releases. They will be defined and agreed upon by both client and freelancer to go into effect, kind of like on any centralized platform so that it won’t have a learning curve in that sense.

Thanks for all the great questions, guys! Stay tuned for some significant news coming our way - and don’t forget to enjoy the weekend. See you next Friday!

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A decentralized freelance market with a fully scalable dispute resolution mechanism — gas fees not dependent on the number of tasks the platform handles.

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