Weekly AMA recap (May 21)

A long and challenging week in the world of DeFi is behind us. So now is the perfect time to see how Cryptotask handled it in our fifth Friday AMA session.

Thank you for being present and taking some time from your busy schedules to chat with us. Honestly, the most exciting part of Fridays is our AMA moment and having the chance to share what we achieved and get to answer your questions. So let’s dive into this week’s main topics.


A: Before we move to any updates on our side, we wanted to share some thoughts on the latest market developments. It has been a tough week for everyone, kudos to the Hodlers and their stamina — those are the folks who will keep us all well and stable.

However, due to the extremes in the markets this week, we had to pause discussions about listings as the unpredictability of the market took its toll on CEXs fees and agreements.

A lot of new progress has been made — on the product, on partnerships, etc.

Q: Are you planning paid marketing with influencers?

A: Yes, we are, as soon as the dust settles. Everybody now is looking at the market and waiting to see which way it moves.

Q: Regarding the new partnership with Firo, what are they about?

A: That is a HUGE deal. We have been following Firo since the early days, and they are one of the first privacy-oriented projects out there, they have a $100M market cap and have been systematically delivering since 2016. They are now our official partners and will use our platform to satisfy their job needs, which is awesome, they will bring tens of high-quality jobs to the platform. They are very pleased with how the platform works, which is music to our ears!

This partnership is a major milestone toward becoming a benchmark name in the crypto world.

Q: Can you share more information on what the partnership will mean for the project?

A: The new partnership with Firo will give us huge PR value because they are a very respectable and known project, with tons of new jobs from their side. The better infrastructure which we can use for our backend. New users, new hodlers, a lot of new eyeballs in general.

Q: Do you have any updates on Tezos' proposal review?

A: We are in contact. They are positive so far. Still, some final checks are left to do by their team. But, we should have a definitive decision very soon.

Q: How is Reddit going, are there any activities going on there?

A: We are pretty active on Reddit lately and are glad to announce that our Reddit community grew to 450 members. Also, we welcome all Redditors who joined our Telegram group. We are delighted to have you with us.


A: We are working on the product improvements, and we did tons of those

Here are the most important ones:

  • Freelancers manually set as featured if they have good profiles, improve the impression of the landing page.
  • In the task list, now client avatar is displayed next to each task, gives some color to that list.

Validations to improve job and profile quality:

  • For freelancers, bio is now mandatory (min 300 char.), and occupation is mandatory.
  • For clients, the avatar is now mandatory and about also (min 200 char.)
  • The description is min 200 char. mandatory for tasks, and the price is mandatory (if negotiable flag set, it will show now as price $ (negotiable)).
  • We are migrating to server-side rendering (nuxt), which will allow us to improve SEO, make indexing easier for google, eliminate flicker errors in the google search console, and unify app about all under www.
  • We already have a backlog of other things we got as significant improvements from users. In case you have any suggestions for improvements, you can contact us directly or DM Vuk.

In the following weeks, you will see many more improvements to the platform.

Q: Regarding the landing page, do you mean the webpage at www.cryptotask.org?

A: Yes, the landing page is in WordPress, but the platform itself is a one-page app in Vue.

We will unify these things by using server-side rendering [nuxt], allowing us to have good SEO and have an efficient app that writes to blockchain what is needed without sensitive data ever reaching our servers [all signing is done in client browser].

Those are the main highlights from the past week, we would love to hear your opinion on the latest market development. Also, we are glad to obtain your feedback on the platform improvements.

Until next Friday, have a good one!

Website: about.cryptotask.org/
Discord: discord.gg/CEBgDSvzff
Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/cryptotask
Twitter: twitter.com/ct_task
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cryptotask/
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/cryptotask
Telegram: t.me/cryptotaskofficial
Telegram news: t.me/cryptotaskchannel

A decentralized freelance market with a fully scalable dispute resolution mechanism — gas fees not dependent on the number of tasks the platform handles.

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