Weekly AMA Recap (May 28)

You know Fridays are the right time to check our team’s hard work and collect news from the past week. For those who couldn’t attend our AMA session, a recap is a perfect solution!

This week was very intense — we are in discussion with the FIRO team to start posting jobs, which will happen soon. Additionally, we are in talks with several more known blockchain projects about partnerships, so we expect many of those incoming.

With each partnership, we gain a ton of fresh visibility, which brings users, which brings interest! Also, high-quality jobs are increasing. As you might have seen, there are many jobs with $100k+ value posted in the last few days!

This week we have also updated our Tokenomics article, which we wholeheartedly suggest for you to go through. Not to mention our Reddit fanbase which is growing at the speed of light!

Now that we’ve got it off our chest, let’s dive into your questions!


A: Firo is a fairly big company with a long history and a current market cap of 82 million. Actually, FIRO is one of the first privacy coins out there. As old as Zcash and Monero, they are very well known in the niche. They are also hiring a lot of new developers, and quickly growing, so that is why it is especially interesting for us.

Q: Do you have any updates on Tezos proposal review?

A: Yes, we got positive feedback so far, a couple of more things to be defined, and we are sure we’ll be able to bring some very exciting news on that very soon!


A: The escrow system is finished, but the technical part is not what is setting the timeline. The traction is improving but not yet at the stage where we want to introduce escrow. For example, we got 3 nice jobs posted by DeversiFi. Our reputation among blockchain companies is growing. We see a significant increase in both job postings and freelancer registrations (and quality).

However, we feel the right time has introduced some of the token utility features, firstly tied with the featured profiles. We will do this in a gamified way, king of the hill. One of the 6 featured freelancers shown on the landing page will be possible to claim by staking CTASK. You can then overthrow the current KOTH by staking more CTASK, etc.

Q: How would KOTH function? How would freelancers stake CTASK?

A: You would use MetaMask or some wallet that allows for the signing of messages. Nothing will be done on-chain to avoid insane eth gas fees. What will be done is sign a message saying something like “I want profile x.y@z.com to be featured”, and signing it will be verifiable that the signing address holds a certain amount of CTASK. If that amount is larger than the current KOTH x.y profile will be set as a new KOTH. So no CTASK is being moved around.

Q: When will the new front-end be ready?

A: Frontend is improved gradually. Every week we roll out new features. It is not in our interest to shock the user but instead seamlessly introduce him/her to the news.

The changes are visible at app.cryptotask.org and www.cryptotask.org (featured freelancers).


  • Now the price is mandatory and negotiable shows in parentheses to the side.
  • In the job list avatar of the client is shown next to the task, making a list more visually rich.
  • We introduced some checks on fields when filling out profiles and tasks to improve the quality of both.

Q: Can you list some of the planned changes on the platform?

A: The big work is almost finished that will improve SEO of the platform and remove google search console errors. After that, we need to fix some bugs with the email system for notifications for interesting jobs to freelancers — that will improve application rates, then dual role, so freelancers can also post jobs and some general landing page improvements testimonials, etc.

Q: One month ago, you mentioned Google jobs integration. When can we expect it?

A: We will roll out Google jobs integration in June.

Q: Do you have any plans of switching to Uniswap v3?

A: Uniswap v3 is something that we are discussing right now. We will update the community once the discussion is over!

A decentralized freelance market with a fully scalable dispute resolution mechanism — gas fees not dependent on the number of tasks the platform handles.

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