Weekly AMA Session Wrap-Up (23 April)

The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic. We got two new community moderators, a new marketing staff, and a new full-time full-stack developer. CryptoTask platform is being polished, new features added. On the business side, we are really close to signing a deal with some big clients.

For more in-depth information, find out what our community has asked us! Let’s dive straight into the quintessential matter itself — the questions! Enjoy!


Q: What are the major advantages of your platform, compared to similar freelance platforms? What can an investor expect from all of this?

A: Some of the major benefits include the following: very low fees (0–3%), no limit on the job value, effective review and dispute mechanism (with very fast turnaround time), and the most important of all — growth without increasing overhead. That means our fees can stay low and the service will remain of high quality. Feel free to check out the further details on our page.

Q: Can you provide any information about marketing initiatives the team has taken over the last few weeks/months?

A: A lot of things are going on on the marketing front. As you saw, we opened our subReddit and a Discord server, user numbers are increasing. We are negotiating with one large and very known blockchain protocol to use their tech and they would introduce us to all their users (it’s a TOP 40 CMC project).

Besides that, we have a biz-dev team actively discussing and introducing us to various BC and non-BC companies and communities all time, some of them already are publishing jobs on the platform (especially in the last few days), and we are close to coming to an agreement about acquisition of more freelance communities, so we are handling both supply and demand at the same time which is very important for a marketplace to succeed.

Also, we want to thank you guys for spreading the word about us in the other communities as well!

Q: What kind of partnerships are you looking for that will benefit the project?

A: Both crypto and non-crypto companies, right now there is a huge demand for blockchain devs and we have many of them on our platform, also we have successfully negotiated with some non-crypto companies and they are already posting their jobs (you can see some very high-quality ones in the last 5 days).


Q: Can you expand on the platform development?

A: We developed some smaller and not obvious, but important features. Such as notification emails when profiles get approved, which increases conversions ie applications to jobs a lot. Also, slugs have been introduced to clients, freelancers, and job postings, which helps SEO greatly. We are now working on sitemaps, unifying www, app, and about hosts under “www” which will further improve SEO. Other things are according to the roadmap.

In addition, our designer is soon to improve the UX, which will help with the retention of new users. Secondly, we are marking high-quality freelancers as featured which will improve the impression of the landing page

Feel free to register, and see for yourself! Your feedback is welcome, of course.

Q: In terms of the blockchain, is it always only going to be only using ETH? What about BSC?

A: There are other blockchains in play here, such as Tezos. We will keep you updated! We don’t want to promise anything until everything is fully in place.

Q: Is the escrow system ready to be deployed next month?

A: Technically, it is. The exact deployment, though, depends on the traction. We want to have strong traction before deploying. If it is not done properly, this could otherwise have a negative effect on traction. We currently have 2 growth teams, and platform traction is improving steadily.


Q: Will the token be listed on any other exchange?

A: It will be, but that is not a pressing issue at the moment. We much rather want to utilize the existing ones to the best effect. We will definitely expand our exchange list in the mid-term.

We hope we gave you the best answers on this AMA session! Since we will be making AMAs a weekly thing, make sure to join us every Friday at 3 PM CET (if not noted differently on our social media and the Telegram group).

Join us!

Website: https://about.cryptotask.org/
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A decentralized freelance market with a fully scalable dispute resolution mechanism — gas fees not dependent on the number of tasks the platform handles.

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